About Us

We are a technology company disrupting the digital marketing landscape.
We use technology, data and the most qualified human marketers to ensure our clients are dominating their industries online.

A bunch of enthusiastic & creative minds passionate about digital advertising.

We aren’t just a software or technology company. We have qualified experts on staff ready to manage your next project.

What you can expect:

An array of business formulation strategies

Revenue generation and user engagement campaigns

Charting company growth via metrics & in-depth reporting

Establishing your business a strong social media foothold in your industry

Half human. Half machine.

Flawless software incorporation

Wether your hands on, or hands off our plans allow you to either jump in and get your hands dirty or sit back and relax while we manage the software for you.

Seamless human management

We understand the difficulties of working with a “software only” company. The frustration of trying to get a human on the phone. Pressing “0” hundreds of times gets old, we know. This is why we wanted to be the only Hybrid company in the industry offering software driven, human managed services.

Human Project Management

Every plan will include a dedicated human expert in their field. If you sign up to more than one plan you will have multiple experts working on your campaigns.

Software Driven Campaigns

We use technology to our advantage. Our utilization of software and automation helps us optimize your content, scheduled posts, ad campaigns, and reporting. This allows us to focus our time on delivering quality content and ads that convert! 

What sets us apart?

We use technology to fuel our efficiency engines. When working with Swiish you can expect to utilize a time saving content scheduling software, in-depth paid ad reporting, 5 star customer service and most importantly results!

Competitor Research

Our team will analyze the digital landscape in your industry. We will research your competition to see what's working for them and apply their successful strategies to your campaign.

Monthly Analytics

Everything we do will be tracked with monthly analytics. Our campaigns will be modified each month for optimal performance. Managing your digital marketing is an ongoing effort on our end.

Unique Monthly Content

Our content team's primary job is to ensure your social pages are a source of quality content for your followers.   

High-quality Links

Our social posts will often include high quality referral links directed back to your website to help boost your credibility and rankings with Google and other search engines. 

You’ve got question we’ve got answers! Take a look at our frequently asked questions page by clicking the button below. Have a specific question? Just ask your Swiish sales representative or set an appointment below.