Social Media Management

Need some help creating content? Our team will create and curate content designed to catch eyes and raise engagement.

Leveraging your brand’s reach via social media content.

Our goal is to keep your business relevant to your past and future customers with fresh daily content!

Reaching out to your loyal followers daily.

The followers you have built up organically are the most loyal to your brand. We will use unique content to keep your business fresh in their minds daily.

Engaging with new customers and leveraging referrals.

We treat your social pages as a direct line of communication between your brand and your customers. We need to build a social hub where your followers can feel comfortable referring family and friends to your business.

Announcing new products & promotions.

We have a direct line of communication to your customers. We need to take advantage of that. We will use your social pages to announce new products, specials, and promotions.

Why is social content so important?

The benefits of posting social media content are endless. But we have outlined a few key metrics below. 

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Brand Awareness

10 is the average number of times a potential customer needs to see your product or service prior to making a purchase.

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Shared Content

Image based social content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than text based content. 

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Client Interaction

The percentage of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand that are likely to recommend it to others.


Repeat Customers & Referrals

The average user on social media has at least 300 followers in their network. Meaning with content marketing you have the opportunity to capture up to 300 referrals per happy customer!

What kind of content do we create?

Our images are hand selected and designed by our graphics team in-house. Then our content team will draft up a few lines of clever text and hashtags to go along with your custom images. This makes for a match made in social media content heaven. (Cue the choir music)

Eye Catching Custom Images.

Once we have the images we want to use we will hand them over to our branding team to work their magic. We will include graphics, a color scheme, text overlay, your logo and more! Our images are designed to catch eyes!

Clever Text & High Traffic Hashtags.

We need to ask questions, posts quality articles, keep your followers engaged and use high-traffic trending #hashtags with every post. This is the only way to grow an organic following on social media in 2020!

Want to jump in and post on your end?

 All of our plans include access to our content scheduling software. This will allow you to jump in and syndicate posts to all of your social media channels with the click of a button. The more content the better!

Why choose Swiish?

Our in-house content team will take on the tedious task of designing, branding, writing, and posting to your social media pages daily. Once you join Swiish the difference is like night and day. Have a look below at the before and after images below.


Before Swiish

Before signing up to Swiish our client was posting generic stock photos to their pages. Their pages didn’t have a design theme or direction. This led to a lack of brand recognition, engagement and followers.


After Swiish

Our branding experts helped choose a design theme, color pallet and added graphics and the clients logo to images. This enhances brand loyalty, engagement and increase organic followers daily!

Pricing & Plans

Our plans include everything your business or brand needs to stay ahead of your competition with social media content. Have a look below and get started on your 7-day FREE trial!

Small Business Plan

Monthly Content Creation



Scheduling Software Included

20 Total Posts

20 Custom Branded Images

1 Custom Branded Video

Unlimited Social Platforms

Content Approvals

Hashtag Research

Original Copywriting

Online Support

Franchisee Plan

Monthly Content Creation



Scheduling Software Included

30 Total Posts

30 Custom Branded Images

2 Custom Branded Videos

Unlimited Social Platforms

Content Approvals

Hashtag Research

Original Copywriting

Online Support



Enterprise Plan

Monthly Content Creation



Scheduling Software Included

40 Total Posts

40 Custom Branded Images

4 Custom Branded Videos

Unlimited Social Platforms

Content Approvals

Hashtag Research

Original Copywriting

Online Support

Still have questions?

Please see our frequently asked questions below. 

How will you know what to write?

One word. Psychic. Just kidding, Questionnaire. Our in-depth questionnaire will go over everything from tone of voice to style of content. We get it, some businesses have a more fun voice while others would like to come off more professional.

Your dedicated content specialist will begin researching your industry, competitors, and target audience. Once we have compiled your list of posts all content will be sent out for your approval.

Should I still post on my own?

Yes! Hell yes!  We encourage our clients to post more product specific posts that require more details about your service or product. Hey, nobody knows your business like you do!

Sounds good but is there a long term contract?

Absolutely not! We believe in earning your business each month. If you do not want to continue using our service all we require is a 30-day notice to cancel.

Who will be writing my content?

A well-trained, dedicated Content Specialist will be the one creating, curating finding and sharing content for your accounts.

Our Content Specialists are just that – specialists in social media content. They spend hours scouring the web, searching for relevant content to share on your accounts. Their goal is to engage with your audience the way you would if you had the time. 

All of our Content Specialists are located here in headquarters here in Los Angeles.

Can you use images I provide you?

Of coarse! You can upload your images right into our scheduling software or send them to your dedicated content creator to be designed!

What if I have a special or coupon I would like you to post?

Simply send your post request to your content specialist and they will include it in your next month’s posts. Or feel free to schedule your promotion or coupon on your calendar! 

Will I have the opportunity to approve the posts?

Absolutely! All content is created in advance. You will receive a full list of all the posts for the following month. If we are in January we will be creating all posts for February. So it is always important to inform us ahead of time if you would like us to post about an upcoming event, special or promotion.

Where is your office located?

Our headquarters is located in Los Angeles Ca. Pasadena to be exact. We also plan to open a few other offices in Nevada and Texas. Now that you know where were located would you like to buy us lunch? Please send all food order to our headquarters located at 45 S. Arroyo Parkway Pasadena, Ca. 91105.

Can I upgrade my subscription?

Yes! Modifying your subscription is easy. Just login to your account HERE and make the necessary changes to your subscription as you please. 

I still have questions, can I speak to someone?

Yes! Please set up a demo below!